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What can we do in this mess ??????


Remember why we were made. We weren't made to be kings of the world and be "top dogs" - making all the other nations serve us !!!! We Americans feel we were made to develop our country and its resources so that other countries can do the same - and we can benefit from one another. Our mantra has always been - if you prosper we all prosper. We have always been a trading nation - you do well what you can do, and we will do well what we can do. You get rich and it enriches us with the things you can make better than us.

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We have never thought we should "beggar our neighbors". And this has paid us well - it gave other people the opportunity to develop and buy our products because we bought theirs. Thus they regarded us as friends, and we shared the natural resources that they had and they shared the ones we had.

So we strengthened our relations with each other and lived in a world of mutual interdependence and co-operation that encouraged peace and mutual interests. Trade is part of our normal life together, and anyone who rejects such a concept becomes a pariah and a lone-wolf that others fear and distrust.

This is our natural environment for international relations, and the "lone wolf' one has always been rejected and shunned as unnatural for beings that live on a planet like ours.

This fits easily and naturally into our concept as Christian people who believe we are created by a loving father who made us to share the love he has for his son, and wants us to let his son's spirit live in us and develop the world, so that we can later develop the universe. It's obvious from its ever-increasing size that it will take all of us to do this - so our concept of a communally developing relationship is a logical concept of co-operative existence today.

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