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quarterIn simple faith our immigrating forefathers imprinted this on our coins - because their kings seemed to have betrayed them. And our maker did not fail them - he gave them the land and free will so they could develop it the way he had planned. But he wanted them to do it with the same love he had for it and them. So even when they messed up and destroyed it by wasting forests and polluting land and oceans, he let them see for themselves the effect of their greed and selfishness so that they would be able to choose freely to do it his way.

This is why today he allows us to see that life is impossible where truth is destroyed and lies prevail. Although our forefathers were permitted to have kings so that they could see that no human being was wise enough to rule all the lives of others, he gave us free will -- so that we could see that no mere human king could enable other human beings to live together in love and peace. Only wills that were free like his own could bring that about.

So this is what is playing out in our country today - truth is ignored and one human will enforces itself on everything. Our God, as always, will bear this pain until we stop. The world needs its maker and a king will not substitute.

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