January - April 2007

Editorial 1

Editorial 2

Running Low on Future

Can America Compete with China?

When Death Becomes Personal

Daddy's Precious Guncase

Energy: Is Diesel the Answer?

Ethanol: Fuel Panacea or Lethal Liquor

Our Amazing World: Superconductors:
What comes up must come down! Or does it?

Our Amazing World: A Fiery Rebirth

Impossible Dreams: Sir Peter Mansfield,
Inventor of the MRI Scanner

Management: One Idea for Sale

Superhuman Life No.109: Your Work

Superhuman Life No.110: Your Future

Personal Experiences of God: Prof. Asa Mahan L.L.D.

Daily Discipline: Who is God Like?

Daily Discipline: Do You Love God or
Are You Just Religious?

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