Superhuman Life No.106

The Person Inside You

Years ago there was a movie called `Georgie Girl'. It was all about this girl who felt she was rather unattractive until at last she saw she was really quite nice. The theme song was about someone inside you who is always trying to get out -- this was the real `Georgie Girl'. That's the reality in your life -- and mine. There's someone inside trying to get out !

This is the reality that was made plain to our world back in 30 a.d. -- in fact, it's the reason why we now number our calendar years in the West as a.d. -- anno domini -- the year of the lord. A man lived then who was actually the son of the Creator of the world. That's why we call him lord and date our years as a.d. -- in 2005 -- the 2005th. year of the lord. We've talked in past segments about the historical evidence and ancient manuscripts that detail his life and demonstrate that he did live in that era and did die and come back to life. The important thing that he -- Jesus of Nazareth -- clarified was - that he existed long before he was born in Nazareth. He said that he existed with his Father, our creator, before the world was made. Moroever he said that you -- and I -- were foreseen by his father long before we appeared in our mother's uterus. He said we were first created inside Him -- in timeless eternity -- and that we have been put on earth as unique people in whom He can live the life he planned for us in Him !

This is what we're talking about -- you and I beginning to enjoy all the marvellous variety and dynamic of our creator's son actually living out through us. The old movie got that bit right ! There is a beautiful person living inside you who is trying to get out !

How does this happen ? Just by your beginning to accept the facts -- this is reality -- you are not just a little piece of flotsam and jetsam -- unimportant chance bits of flesh thrown up by some mindless cosmic evolutionary process or distant exploding star. Our creator may well have designed an evolutionary process and may have caused cosmic explosions, but we know that such processes or chance disasters create only chaos unless some kindly intelligent mind directs them. That's the first step for all of us -- accept that you have been made inside this Jesus -- the cosmic Christ who is the only Son of our Maker. Accept that He is inside you and has planned to live a life through you that is different from the one he will live in anyone else in the universe. Then get on with living that life ! This is what is called faith -- living in reality.

How is that different from the way most of us live now ? Well, first it means that you stop thinking about what you want or what you feel like doing. You're bigger than that -- your life is more important than that - you're not just a little animal that has to find its own food and take care of its own shelter and coverings. You are part of the creator's son and you're here to do something in this world that only you can do. And he is inside you and knows what that is. So first you believe that -- and keep an eye on things from that angle. Quietly look at your life and your home and your job as you think he would if he's been sent to earth in you by his Father, the Creator. What does he want to do in your present job ? How does he want to help not just you but your colleagues at work ? Read how he lived and thought of situations in Palestine when he was here in his own body as Jesus of Nazareth -- then listen for his intuitions that he puts in your mind. Just be quiet and follow your thoughts in the light of the reality that you are in him and he is in you !

Don't get all spooky about it -- don't go strange or super-spiritual ! This isn't a game or some kind of `in' thing to do or be. This is reality -- if you will just be yourself with him then He will begin to express himself through you and to you. Treat him as your dear and good friend and he will begin to transmit his own spirit to you. Keep your eyes on him and off yourself. It's a paradox -- but you'll find your real self when you `lose' yourself in Him.

Let's talk about it more next time.

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