by Ernest O'Neill

Even the great superpower can't police the world with force alone ! Nor can oligarchies maintain monopoly rule over the free wills of China, Asia, and Africa ! Even mighty capitalism stumbles when directed by monopolies. So in both East and West the raw power that tries to manipulate human beings finds the world breaking apart.

All face this humbling plan of the creator to give human beings free wills ! So, painstakingly and gradually both East and West will have to ease back from their political and financial brinks to avoid falling into the abyss of absolute chaos. And yet another beginning will be made as humanity tries once more to give a little and take a little so that community and commerce can continue to survive.

As the billions in Asia and Africa step into the twenty-first century, opportunities abound for humanity to develop the world and itself by unselfish life or to destroy both by selfishness.

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