by Ernest O'Neill

Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of geodesic domes explains in his book "The Critical Path" how he committed himself to the experiment of living for others rather than for himself to see if such a life was valid and effective. The result is obvious to all who know this man's name. This stands once again as the challenging choice for the nations of our world. Everywhere there is an awakening of peoples to the opportunities of global business and private enterprise. As telephone operators in India answer inquiries of callers in New York while their counterparts in America are left unemployed, so the challenge of free trade meets the challenge of nationalism. But the irony of this whole situation is itself a challenge to the limits of unselfishness.

As outsourcing bares the nature of nationalism so prosperity bares the attitude of the haves to the havenots in each country. Compassionate conservatism and responsible socialism will again define the limits of selfishness and unselfishness in a world created by someone who has scattered the stars and flowers prodigally.

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