The Problem with Security

by Greg Leitschuh

Most of the stress and anxiety felt by many people today is the result of feeling insecure. To go further, it has been said that many of the problems plaguing society can be traced to lack of security. Whether it is a job, home or health, we all seem to be striving to attain some degree of security in this life. Alcohol and drug abuse, sex and even overeating are often tied up with one's feeling insecure. The interesting thing about insecurity is that it often is mentioned in regards to people who are materially well-off rather than someone who is poor. Why is it that people who seem to have everything going for them feel perhaps more insecure than someone who has very little?

We are probably familiar with that phrase 'life is a state of mind'. It seems that two people can be working or living in the same circumstances, but one is happy while the other is sad. We have all come across people who we thought had a 'gloomy' outlook on life and maybe wondered why. Often, we hear someone describing a person who is difficult to get along with as having an 'attitude' -- meaning he was very negative about things. The point I am bringing up is that having a sense of security and well-being does not come from our outward circumstances but from our inward attitude.

'No Such Thing as Security!'

Many of us would agree that much of what happens to us in life is often out of our control. Job security is not what it used to be as larger companies are 'downsizing' to become more profitable. A recent study has concluded that one in four people will contract cancer. Security in the home is at its lowest with an ever-increasing divorce rate. Children, who need the greatest sense of security, are suffering eating disorders, turning to drugs and, in some cases, suicide. If parents do not feel secure in this world, it is nearly impossible to impart that to their children. We can see that security is something that is not guaranteed or can be bought. It is usually not a material thing that can be given away but is the one of the most sought after treasures in life. Where does it come from, and how can we obtain it?

All of us have either met or read about someone who suffered in some manner yet was a joyful, fulfilled person. We have also heard many stories of people who seem to be happy and secure even though their outward circumstances were very difficult.

Why is that so? Is it mere power of positive thinking or a wild optimistic hope that things will get better in the future? Perhaps it is an inner feeling that we can be content with the 'lot we have in life' and believe that there is a God who has ordered all things in life in much the same we he has ordered this vast universe. Wouldn't it be wonderful to continually experience the security we felt as children regardless of our circumstances?

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