by Ernest O'Neill

As automation joins cheap labor, the paradise or nightmare of over-production looms on the economic horizon. Even now economists are talking about the danger of deflation - costs and prices spiralling downwards as factories flood the world with

more consumer goods than there are consumers. Although internal strife in Asia can check the current break-neck increase in production capacity, we are beginning to glimpse the possibility of world-saturation in refrigerators and television sets.

The Creator has always provided solutions for our gasoline, food, and energy crises. He has buried remedies for our diseases in places where we could find them. So, undoubtedly, there are ways for the world to progress beyond what appear

obstacles according to our narrow view of things. Nevertheless, we know that the whole thing will eventually collapse because of our eventual submission to an anti-christ figure who will offer escape in return for total submission to his will. So it behoves us to begin to "listen for the footsteps of God" regarding this next challenge lest the Creator intends to preserve our civilisation a little longer.

It would seem that restraint and self-discipline and generosity must be some of the elements that will save us from the harshness of protectionism, but probably these will be the factors that will only lighten with Christ's love the overall darkness and strife of free trading blocks.

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