"One of the great marks of the mystic is that he seeks to pierce through all the appearances of nature to the Great Being who lives and moves in it all."

WHOLLY FOR GOD --Selections from the writings of William Law

Edited by Andrew Murray

A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life brought the writings of William Law to prominence. His basic premise was that true devotion consisted of a life given, or devoted, to God. Law had learned to see God in every thing and in his writings, he desired to show how we needed to let God be, in every possible way, ALL that we needed.

What he had failed to grasp at that time was that even though one may accept his understanding of devotion as truth, it was beyond the ability of any person to accomplish that devotion by themselves.

Wholly For God is a selection of writings from works written 20 years later. He had come to see the complete corruption and ineffectiveness of our nature, the absolute necessity of the new birth, the need for the indwelling of Christ and how faith alone was the only way for a life of devotion to God to be possible.

Featured cassettes this month are from a series of lectures given by Rev. Ernest O'Neill.

SR15 A. The Gift

B. The Law

SR16 External Law or Internal Restraint?

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