Table of Contents--With Christ in the School of Prayer


1. Lord! teach us to pray; or, The Only Teacher

2. In spirit and truth; or, The True Worshippers

3. Pray to thy Father, which is in secret; or, Alone with God

4. After this manner pray; or, The Model Prayer

5. Ask, and it shall be given you; or, The Certainty of the Answer to Prayer

6. How much more? or, The Infinite Fatherliness of God

7. How much more the Holy Spirit; or, The All-Comprehensive Gift

8. Because of his importunity; or, The Boldness of God's Friends

9. Pray the Lord of the harvest; or, Prayer Provides Labourers

10. What wilt thou? or, Prayer must be definite

11. Believe that ye have received; or, The Faith that Takes

12. Have faith in God; or, The Secret of Believing Prayer

13. Prayer and fasting; or, The Cure of Unbelief

14. When ye stand praying, forgive; or, Prayer and Love

15. If two agree; or, The Power of United Prayer

16. Speedily, though bearing long; or, The Power of Persevering Prayer

17. I know that Thou hearest me always; or, Prayer in harmony with the being of God

18. Whose is this image? or, Prayer in harmony with the Destiny of Man

19. I go unto the Father; or, Power for Praying and Working

20. That the Father may be glorified; or, The Chief End of Prayer

21. If ye abide in me; or, The All-inclusive Condition

22. My words in you; or, The Word and Prayer

23. Bear fruit, that the Father may give what ye ask; or Obedience the Path to Power in Prayer

24. In my Name; or, The All-Prevailing Plea

25. At that day; or, The Holy Spirit and Prayer

26. I have prayed for thee; or, Christ the Intercessor

27. Father, I will; or, Christ the High Priest

28. Father! not what I will; or, Christ the Sacrifice

29. If we ask according to His will; or, Our Boldness in Prayer

30. An holy priesthood; or, The Ministry of Intercession

31. Pray without ceasing; or, A life of Prayer

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