1. Bible Study in general

Wilkinson, Systematic Scripture Study. C.M.S

J. M. Gray, How to Master the English Bible-Oliphant

Bullinger, How to Enjoy the Bible. Eyre & Spottiswood

Collett, The Scripture of Truth. Partridge,

Harrington C. Lees, The Joy of Bible Study-Longmans

Westcott, History of the English Bible.Macmillan

Scrivener, The Authorised Version of the English Bible. Cambs. Univ.

Bullinger, Figures of Speech used in the Bible.Eyre & Spottiswood

W. H. Griffith Thomas, Methods of Bible Study.Marshall Bros.

2. Bible Study by books

G. Campbell Morgan, Analysed Bible (3 vols.). Hodder & Stoughton

G. Campbell Morgan, Messages of the Books (4 vols.). Hodder & Stoughton

G. Campbell Morgan, Graded Bible (5 vols.). Hodder & Stoughton

J. M. Gray, Synthetic Bible Study. Revell

W. G. Moorhead, Outline Studies in the Old and New Testaments (5 vols.). Revell,

W. G. Scroggie, Fascination of the Old Testament. The Author, Sunderland

R. Lee, The Outlined Bible. Holness, Nicholl,

Help to the Reading of the Bible. S.P.C.K.

John Darby, Synopsis-of Old and New Testaments (5 vols.). Morrish

R. G. Moulton, Modern Readers' Bible. Macmillan

R. G. Moulton, Literary Study of the Bible. Pitman.

Ellicott, Commentary on the Old and New Testaments (8 vols.). Cassell

3. Bible Study by marginal references

Revised Version Bible, 1898 (with Dr Moulton's references). Frowde

Scofield's Reference Bible. Frowde

Bagster's Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.Bagster

Strong, Exhaustive Concordance. Hodder & Stoughton

4. Bible Study by topics

Inglis, Bible Text Cyclopaedia. R.T.S.

Nave, Topical Bible. Frowde

Fausset, Bible Cyclopaedia. Hodder & Stoughton,

5. Bible Study by types

Habershon, Study of the Types. Morgan Scott

C. H. Mackintosh, Notes on the Pentateuch (6 vols.). Morrish

Samuel Mather, Figures and Types of the Old Testament (1765). Hillier (out of print).

6. Bible Introduction

S. G. Green, Angus' Bible Handbook. R.T.S.,

Raven, Introduction to the Old Testament.Revell

W. H. Green, Text of the Old Testament.Scribner

W. H. Green, Canon of the Old Testament.Scribner

G. Salmon, Introduction to the New Testament.Murray

Miller, Textual Guide to New Testament. Bell & Sons

Westcott, Canon of the New Testament. Macmillan

S. J. Andrews, Life of our Lord. T. & T. Clark

7. The Higher Criticism

J. M. Gray, Bulwarks of the Faith. Alliance Press, N.Y.

J. M. Gray, Primers of the Faith. Revell

W. H. Green, The Higher Criticism and the Pentateuch. Dickenson

Valpy French, 'Lex Mosaica. Hodder & Stoughton

James Orr, The Problem of the Old Testament. Nisbet

James Ors, The Bible under Trial. Marshall Bros.

Lias, Principles of Biblical Criticism. Eyre & Spottiswood

A. Saphir, Divine Unity of. Scripture. Hodder & Stoughton

Margoliouth, Lines of Defence of the Biblical Revelation. Hodder & Stoughton

Anstey, Romance of Bible Chronology. (2 vols.). Marshall Bros.

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