Chapter 84

How Burdens must be Borne to win Eternal Life

CHRIST. My son, do not let the work that you have undertaken for My sake break your spirit, nor any hardships discourage you. Let My promise be always your strength and comfort; I can give you a boundless reward. You will not labor herer for long, nor will sorrow always be your lot. Wait but a short while, and you will see a speedy end to your troubles. The time will come when all toil and trouble will cease. Everything temporal is short lived and of little consequence.

Labor with all your might. Work faithfully in My vineyard;(Matt. 20:7) I myself will be your reward. (Gen. 15:1) Write, study, worship, be penitent, keep silence and pray. Meet all your troubles like a man: eternal life is worth all this and yet greater conflicts. Peace will come at a time known only to the Lord. It iwll not be day or night as we know it, (Rev. 22:5) but everlasting light, boundless glory, abiding peace and sure rest. You will not say then, 'Who will free me from this mortal body?';(Rom 7:4) nor cry, 'Alas, how long is my exile!'(Ps. 120:5) for the power of death will be utterly broken,(Isa.25:8) and full salvation assured. No anxiety will remain, but only blessed joy in the fair and lovely fellowship of the Saints.

If you could but see the Saints crowned in endless glory,(Wids.3:1 ;6:16) you would at once humble yourself to the dust, and would rather be the servant of all than lord it over a single person; for the Saints are now as high exalted as they were formerly accounted by this world low, despicable, and unfit to live. You would not hanker after a pleasant time in this life, but rather be glad to suffer for God's sake, and account it the greatest gain to be considered of small importance among men. If the things of God were your true delight and pierced your inmost heart, you would never complain. Is not all labour to be endured for the sake of eternal life? It is no small matter to win or lose the Kingdom of God. Raise your eyes to Heaven. See, here am I, and with Me are all My Saints, who in this world fought a great fight (Heb.10:32; 11:34) They are now filled with joy and consolation; they are now safe and at rest ;(John 14:3) and they shall remain with Me for ever in the Kingdom of My Fathers

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