Chapter 99

On the Value of Frequent Communion

THE DISCIPLE. Lord, I come to You to receive the benefit of Your gift, and to enjoy the Feast that You have graciously prepared for the poor. In You I find all that I can or should desire; You are my Saviour and my Redeemer, my hopes and my strength, my honour and my glory. Therefore, Lord Jesus, gladden the soul of Your servant today, for to You I raise my soul. (Ps.86:4) I desire to receive You with reverence and devotion : I long to invite You into my house, that, like Zaccheus, I may win Your blessing and be numbered among Your chosen (Luke 19:9) My soul longs to receive Your Body; my heart yearns to be united to You.

Give me Yourself, and it is enough; nothing but You can satisfy me. Without You I cannot exist; without Your visits I cannot live. Therefore I must often approach You, and receive You as the medicine of salvation, lest if I be deprived of this heavenly food, I faint by the way. For, 0 most merciful Jesus, it was Yourself who, when You had been preaching to the people and healing their many diseases, said, `I will not send them away to their homes hungry, lest they faint on the way.( Matt.15:32) Deal in like manner with me now, since You remain in this Sacrament for the comfort of the faithful. You are the sweet refreshment of the soul, and whoever receives You worthily will be a partaker and heir of eternal glory. It is essential to me, who am so prone to frequent falls, and who so quickly grow lukewarm and careless, that I renew, cleanse, and enkindle myself by frequent prayer and confession, and by the holy reception of Your Body; if I neglect these for long, I may fall away from my holy purpose.

Man's senses are prone to evil from his youth up, (Gen.8:21) and without the aid of this divine remedy he soon lapses into yet greater wickedness. Holy Communion both restrains a man from evil, and establishes him in goodness. For if I am so often careless and lukewarm now when I celebrate or communicate, what would become of me were I to neglect this remedy, or fail to seek this most powerful aid? And although I am neither fit nor rightly disposed to celebrate daily, yet I will endeavour at proper times to receive Your divine Mysteries, and present myself to receive this great grace. For this is the chief comfort of the faithful soul, as long as she dwells afar from You in this mortal body, that ever mindful of her God, she may often devoutly receive her Beloved.

0 Lord God, Creator and Giver of life to all souls, how wonderful is Your kindness and mercy to us, that You should stoop to visit the poor and humble soul, and to satisfy her hunger with Your whole Divinity and Humanity! Happy the mind and blessed the soul that deserves to receive You with devotion, and in receiving You, to be filled with spiritual joy! How great a Lord does the soul receive! How beloved the Guest she welcomes! How delightful the Companion she invites to enter! How faithful the Friend she makes ! How gracious and noble the Spouse she embraces - one to be loved and desired above all others! 0 dear and most beloved Lord, let Heaven and earth in all their beauty keep silence before You ; for whatever of praise and beauty they possess comes from Your generous goodness. They cannot approach the beauty of Your Name, and Your Wisdom is infinite.(Ps 147:5)

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