Chapter 95

How we may not Inquire into the Unsearchable Judgements of God

CHRIST. My son, avoid controversy over high things and the judgements of God. Do not argue why this person is so forsaken while another is endowed with great graces; or why one person is so grievously afflicted, while another is so richly rewarded. These things are above human understanding, and neither reasoning nor argument is competent to explain the judgements of God. Therefore, when the enemy suggests these things to your mind, or when inquisitive people ask about them, answer with the prophet, `You are just, 0 Lord, and Your judgements are right. ( Ps. 119:137) My judgements are to be respected, not discussed, for they are beyond the comprehension of the human mind. (Rom.11:33)

Do not dispute over the merits of the Saints, which is the holier, or which the greater in the Kingdom of Heaven. This often breeds strife and unprofitable arguments, (2 Tim.2:23) feeding pride and empty boasting, from which in turn spring envy and dissension, while one proudly seeks to praise this Saint, and another that. Now, this desire to know and explore such matters is unprofitable, and is displeasing to the Saints themselves. `I am not the God of dissension, but of peace', (I Cor.14:33) and My peace is founded on humility, not on self-exaltation.

Some, in their ardent enthusiasm, profess a greater devotion to one Saint than to another; but this devotion isof human origin, not divine. I am He who made all the Saints ; I gave them grace ; I endowed them with glory. I know the merits of each ; I went before them with My blessings. (Ps. 21:3) I foreknew my loved ones before time began (Rom.8:29) I chose them out of the world ;(John 15:19) they did not first choose Me. I called them by grace ; (Gal. 1:15) I drew them by mercy. I was their guide in many a temptation; I poured forth on them wonderful consolations. I gave them perseverance, and I crowned their patience.

I know them, the first and the last, and enfold them all in My boundless love. I am to be praised in all My Saints. I am to be blessed above all things, and to be honoured in each of these, whom I have predestinated and raised to such glory with no previous merits of their own. Anyone, therefore, who disparages one of the least(Matt. 18:10) of My Saints, in no way adds to the glory of a greater by so doing, for small and great alike are My creation . (Wisd. 7:7) And any who speaks lightly of any of the Saints, speaks lightly both of Myself and of all the company of Heaven. All are one in the bond of charity; their thoughts and aspirations are one, and all love each other as one.( John 17:21)

But this is higher still, that they love Me more than themselves and their own merits. Caught up out of themselves, and carried beyond love of self, they are wholly engaged in loving me, in whom they rest in peace and joy. Nothing can distract or dismay them, for they are full of the eternal Truth, and burn with the fire of unquenchable charity. Let base and worldly men therefore refrain from dispute about the state of the Saints, for. such men care for nothing but their own gratification. In their own interest, they exaggerate or belittle facts, and pay no regard to the eternal Truth. In the case of many, it is through ignorance, especially in those who are but little enlightened, and are seldom capable of loving anyone with a perfect and spiritual love. Such people are still strongly attracted to one person or another by natural affection and human friendship; and as they behave towards men on earth, so do they imagine that they can regard the Saints in Heaven. But the thoughts of imperfect men are immeasubley below those implanted in the enlightened by the revelations of God.

Beware, therefore, My son, of being over curious about matters beyond your knowledge; let your aim and object rather be to be counted even among the least in the Kingdom of God. Even if a man could know who is the holiest and greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, of what use could this knowledge be, unless it led him to humble himself before Me, and rise up to praise My Name with increased devotion? It is far more acceptable to God that a man consider the enormity of his own sins, the smallness of his virtue, and how far he is from the perfection of the Saints, than that he should dispute who is the greater or lesser among them. It is better to supplicate the Saints with devout prayer and sorrow, and to implore their glorious prayers, than to search into their secrets with vain curiosity.

The Saints enjoy a good and perfect contentment; ah, if only men could be content, and control their empty talk! The Saints do not boast of their own merits ; they ascribe no goodness to themselves, but all to Me, for I gave them everything out of My boundless love. They are filled by so deep a love for God, and with so overflowing a joy, that nothing is wanting to their glory, nor can anything be lacking in their happiness. The higher they stand in glory, the more humble are the Saints in themselves, and the closer they are to Me, and better loved. Thus you have the scripture, `They cast down their crowns before God, and fell on their faces before the Lamb ; and they adored Him who lives for ever and ever. (Rev. 4:10)

Many ask, `Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?' (Matt. 18:1) not knowing whether they themselves will ever be counted even the least in it. It is a great thing to be even the least in Heaven, where all are great, for all shall be called the children of God, (Matt. 5:9) and shall truly be so. The least shall be valued as a thousand, the sinner, though he be an hundred years old, shall perish .(Isa 60:22; 65:20) When the disciples inquired who should be the greater in the Kingdom of Heaven, they received this reply : `Unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, whosoever shall humble himself as this little child shall be the greater in the Kingdom of Heaven.' (Matt. 18:3)

Woe to those who are too proud readily to humble themselves like little children, for the humble gates of Heaven will not open to admit them. Woe also to the rich, who enjoy their pleasures in this life; (Luke 6:24) for while the poor enter into the Kingdom of God, they shall stand weeping outside. Be glad, you humble! Leap for joy, 0 poor! The Kingdom of God is yours if you will but live in the Truth. (2John:4)

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