Chapter 88

How when we Lack Strength for Higher Work we should Undertake Humble Tasks

CHRIST. My Son, you cannot always burn with zeal for virtue, nor remain constantly in high contemplation; the weakness of sinful human nature will at times compel you to descend to lesser things, and bear with sorrow the burdens of this present life. So long as you wear this mortal body, you will be subject to weariness and sadness of heart. Therefore, in this life, you will often lament the burden of the body, which hinders your giving yourself wholly to the life of the spirit and to divine contemplation.

When this happens, you will be wise to resort to humble, exterior tasks, and to restore yourself by good works. Await My coming with unshakeable trust, and bear your exile and desolation of spirit with patience until I come again and set you free from all anxiety. Then you will forget all your former toil, and will enjoy inward peace. I will unfold before you the fair fields of the Scriptures, and you shall advance in the way of My commandments with heart at liberty.(Ps. 119:32) Then you shall say, `The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.(Rom. 8:18)

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