Chapter 79

That Our Peace cannot Depend on Man

CHRIST. My son, if your peace depends on anyone, by reason of your affection or friendship with him, you will always be unsettled and dependent on him. But if you turn to the living and eternal Truth, the departure or death of your friend will not distress you. Your love for a friend must rest in Me, and those who are dear to you in this life must be loved only for My sake. No good and lasting friendship can exist without Me and unless I bless and unite all love it cannot be pure and true. You should be so mortified in your affection towards loved ones that, for your part, you would forego all human companionship. Man draws the nearer to God as he withdraws further from the consolations of this world. And the deeper he descends into himself and the lower he regards himself, the higher he ascends towards God.

He who attributes any goodness to himself, obstructs the coming of God's grace, for the grace of the Holy Spirit always seeks a humble heart. If you would perfectly overcome self and set yourself free from love of creatures, I would come to you with all My grace.(I Pet.5:5) But while your interest is in creatures, the vision of the Creator is hidden from you. Learn, then for love of the Creator to overcome self in everything and you shall come to the knowledge of God. But so long as anything, however small, occupies too much of your love and regard, it injures the soul and hold you back from attaining the highest Good.

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