Chapter 78

On Contempt for Worldly Honors

CHRIST. My son, do not be discouraged if you see others given honors and advancement, while you are overlooked and humiliated. Life up your heart to Me in Heaven, and the contempt of men will not trouble you.

THE DISCIPLE. Lord, we are blind and are easily deceived through vanity. If I carefully examine my life, I find that no creature has ever done me wrong and I have no right to complain. But because I have so often and grievously sinned against You, every creature is rightly in arms against me. Shame and contempt are my just due; but to You, O Lord, be praise, honor and glory. Unless I am ready, willing and glad to be despised and abandoned by all creatures and to be regarded as of no consequence, I cannot obtain inward peace and stability, nor can I become spiritually enlightened and fully united to You.

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