Chapter 76

How We should not be Over Anxious

CHRIST. My son, always commit your cause to Me and I will bring it to a good issue in due time. Wait until I order it and you will find it to your advantage.

THE DISCIPLE. Lord, I readily commit everything into your hands, for my own judgement is of small value. I wish I was less concerned about the future and could unreservedly submit myself to Your good pleasure.

CHRIST. My son, a man often labors incessantly to obtain his desire: but when he has obtained it, he begins to change his mind. For man's affections do no remain constant, but tend to move from one object to another. It is therefore no small advantage if a man can renounce self even in small things. Man's true spiritual progress depends on the denial of self, and he who renounces self is completely free and secure. But the Old Enemy (I Pet. 5:8), the Adversary of all good, never ceases to tempt man. Day and night he lies in ambush, hoping to trap the unwary into the snares of his deceit. 'Watch and pray lest you enter into temptation.'(Matt.26:41)

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