Chapter 75

On the Right Ordering of our Affairs

CHRIST. My son, take great care to ensure that in every place, action and outward occupation you remain inwardly free and your own master. Control circumstances and do not allow them to control you. Only so can you be master and ruler of your actions, not their servant or slave; a free man and a true Christian, enjoying the freedom and high destiny of the children of God. (Rom.8:21) These stand above the things of time and view those of eternity, seeing in their true light both earthly and heavenly things. The things of this world have no hold over the children of God; on the contrary, they draw them into their service and employ them in the ways ordained by God and established by the Heavenly Architect, who has left nothing in His creation without its due place.

Stand firm in all circumstances. Do not judge by outward appearance or reports as men do, but in each instance enter like Moses into the Tabernacle, (Ex. 33:8) to ask guidance of the Lord. Sometimes you will receive God's answer and return instructed on many matters, both present and future. For Moses always had recourse to the Tabernacle to obtain an answer to his doubts and questions and he took refuge in prayer to support him amidst the dangers and the wickedness of men. Similarly must you take refuge in the depths of your heart and pray most earnestly for God's help. We read that the men of Gibeon (Joshua 9:22) deceived Joshua and the children of Israel because they had not first asked counsel of God. Therefore, in giving credit to their statements, they were misled by their pretended piety.

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