Chapter 74

How Surrender of Self Brings Freedom of Heart

CHRIST. My son, renounce self and you shall find me. (Matt.16:24) Retain no private choice or personal interest and you will always be the gainer. As soon as you yield yourself unreservedly into My hands, I will grant you even richer graces.

THE DISCIPLE. How often shall I yield myself and in what way forsake myself, Lord?

CHRIST. Always and at all times, in small things as well as in great. I make no exceptions, for I desire to have you wholly divested of self: otherwise, unless you are wholly stripped of self-will, how can you be Mine, or I yours? The sooner you do this the better it will be with you and the more completely and sincerely you do it, the better you will please Me and the greater will be your gain.

Some resign themselves, but with some reservation; these do not put their whole trust in God and are therefore concerned to provide for themselves. Others at first offer everything but later are overcome by temptation and return to their former state. These make very little progress in virtue, and will never obtain the true freedom of heart, nor enjoy the favor of My friendship, (Ex.33:11; John 15:14,15) unless they first make a complete surrender and daily offering of themselves to Me. Without this, no fruitful union with Me can exist or endure.

I have often said to you and I now say once more: Renounce yourself, surrender yourself, and you shall enjoy great inner peace. Give all, look for nothing, ask nothing in return: rest purely and trustingly in Me and you shall possess Me. Then you will be free in heart and no darkness will oppress your soul. Strive for this, pray for this, desire this one thing--that you may be stripped clean of all selfishness and follow Jesus in complete self-abandonment, dying to self that you may live to Me forever. Then will all vain fantasies be put to flight and all evil disorders and groundless fears vanish. Then will all fear and dread depart, and all disordered love die in you.

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