Chapter 73

Against the Vain Judgements of Men

CHRIST. My son, trust in God with all your heart. If your conscience bears witness to your devotion and innocence, you need not fear the judgements of men. It is a good and holy think to suffer in this way and it will not be a burden to the humble heart that trusts in God rather than itself. Many people talk too much and little attention should be paid them. Moreover, it is quite impossible to please everyone. Although Saint Paul endeavored to be pleasing to all men in the Lord,(I Cor.9:22) and became all things to all men, yet he cared very little what they thought of himself.(I Cor.4:3) He did whatever lay in his power to bring instruction and salvation to others, but even he could not escape being misjudged and despised by others. Accordingly he trusted himself wholly to God, who knows all things and opposed the shield of patience and humility to the unjust accusations, empty likes and vain boasts of his detractors. Notwithstanding, sometimes he replied to them, lest his silence should give scandal to the weak.(Acts 26:1; Phil.1:14)

Why should you fear mortal man?(Isa.51:12) Today his is here; tomorrow he is gone forever. Fear God and you need never fear man. What real harm can the words or actions of any man do you? He injures himself rather than you and he cannot escape the judgement of God, whoever he is. Keep God always before you and do no engage in bitter controversies. Even if for the present you seem to suffer defeat and undeserved disgrace, do not complain nor lessen your due reward through impatience.(Heb.12:1) Instead, raise your eyes to Me in Heaven, for I have power to deliver you from all shame and wrong and to reward every man according to his merits.(Rom.2:6)

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