Chapter 72

How There is o Security From Temptation

CHRIST. My son, there is no security from temptation in this life and as long as you live, you wiil need spiritual weapons. Your road lies among enemies and you are liable to attack from every quarter. Unless you carry the shield of patience,(Eph.6:11) you will not long remain unwounded. And, unless you fix your heart on Me, with a firm resolve to suffer gladly for My sake, you will not endure the heat of battle, nor win the crown of the Saints. Bear all things manfully and strike lustily at your enemies for the Bread of Heaven is the reward of the victor (Rev. 2:17), and the slothful is left in unutterable wretchedness.

If you look for rest in this life, how can you attain eternal rest? Dispose yourself not to rest, but to patient endurance. Seek true peace not on earth, but in Heaven; not in man, nor in any other creature, but in God alone. For love of God, cheerfully endure everything--labour, sorrow, temptation provocation, anxiety, necessity, weakenss, injury and insult; censure, humilation, disgrace, contradition and contempt. All these things foster your growth in virtue, for they test the unproved servant of Christ, and form the jewels of his hevenly crown. I will grant an eternal reward for your brief toil and boundless glory for your passing trouble.

Do you imagine that you can always have spiritual joys at will? My Saints did not, but had many troubles, countless trials and great desolation of soul. But they patiently endured all these things and trusted in God rather than themselves, knowing that 'the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to be won hearafter. (Rom.8:18) Do you wish to enjoy immediately what many others have only won after much sorrow and struggle? Wait for the Lord; fight manfully and with high courage.(Ps. 26:14) Do not despair, do not desert your post, but stadfastly devote yourself body and soul to the glory of God. I will give ou a rich reward,(Matt.16:27) and will be with you in all your troubles.(Ps. 91:15)

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