Chapter 71

On God's Graciousness to Those who Love Him

THE DISCIPLE. Oh, my God and my All! (I Cor.15:28; John 20:28) What more can I possess?

What greater joy can I desire? Word of sweetness and delight to all who love the Word better than the world and its treasures? My God and my All! To the wise, these words suffice and he who loves You will delight to repeat them again and again. When You are present, all is joy; when you are absent, all is gloom. You bring rest to the heart, true peace and true gladness. You cause us to think well of all, and to praise You in all, for nothing can give us lasting joy without You.

Whoever knows Your joys will find joy in all things; but whoever knows nothing of Your joys will find no joy in anything. Those who are worldly-wise and sensual-minded lack Your wisdom, fir in the world lurks much vanity and in the flesh, death. (Rom. 8:5) Those who follow You by despising worldly things and mortifying their bodily desires are truly wise; they abandon illusion for truth, they forsake the flesh for the spirit. These have their delight in God alone and whatever good they discover in creatures they ascribe wholly to the glory of their Maker. But how vast is the difference between enjoyment of the Creator and enjoyment of His creation; between things of Eternity and those of time; between Light Uncreated and light created!

A Prayer for Light

O Light everlasting, surpassing all created light! (Ps. 27:1; John 8:12) Pour forth from Heaven the glorious rays of Your light and pierce the very depths of my heart! Purify, gladden, light and quicken the powers of my spirit, that it may hold to You with joy unspeakable. Oh, when shall come that blessed and longes for hour, when You fill me with Your presence and be to me All in all. (I Cor. 15:28) Until You grant this, I can know no fullness of joy. As yet, alas, my lower nature is strong within me; it is not yet wholly crucifued, nor entirely dead. (Rom. 6:6) It still fights strongly against the spirit, stirring up conflicts within me and will not allow the kingdom of the soul to remain at peace. O Christ, who rules the power of the sea and quells its raging waves, (Ps. 89:9) come near and help me! Scatter the nations that delight in war (Ps. 68:30) and overcome them in your strength. (Ps. 60:12). Display Your mighty power, I pray, and show Yourself glorious in might; I have no hope nor refuge (Ps. 31:2) but in You, O Lord My God.

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