Chapter 70

On Inconstancy of Heart

CHRIST. My son, do not trust your affections, for they are changeable and inconstant. All your life you are subject to change, even against your inclination.(Rom.8:20) At one time you are cheerful, at another sad; now peaceful, now troubled: now full of devotion, now wholly lacking it; now zealous, now slothful; now grave, now gay. But the wise man, who is well versed in spritual matters, stands above these changing emotions. He pays small regard to his momentary feelings and whims, but directs all the powers of his mind towards the right and true end. Thus, having fixed his gaze and kept his intention constantly on Me, he can remain single in purpose, and unshaken under all circumstances.

The more single his purpose (Matt. 6:22) the more steadily will a man pass through all the storms of life. But in many, this single purpose becomes obscured; for men pay ready attention to any pleasant thing that comes their way and it is a rare thing to find anyone wholly free from the sin of self-interest. Thus the Jews once came out to Bethany to see Martha and Mary, not for Jesus' sake only, but to see Lazarus.(John 12:9) Therefore make your intention pure, single, and upright, that it may be directed to Me alone without hindrance.

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