Chapter 66

How we should Bless God in all Trouble

THE DISCIPLE. Blessed be Your holy Name forever, O Lord.(I Peter 1:3) I know that it is by Your will that temptation and trouble come upon me. I cannot escape it, but must needs come to You for help, that it may be turned to my good. Lord, I am tormented and uneasy in mind, and my present troubles weigh heavy on me. Most loving Father, what may I say? I am in dire straits. Save me from this hour.(John 12:27) Yet it is for Your glory that I have been brought to this hour, and that I may learn that You alone can deliver me from the depths of my humiliation. Of Your goodness, deliver me, 0 Lord (Ps. 37:40) For what can I do, helpless as I am; and where can I go without Your aid? Give me patience, Lord, even in this trial. Grant me help, and I shall fear nothing, however hard pressed I may be.

And now, in this trouble, this shall be my prayer, `Your will be done.'(Matt.6:10) I have fully deserved this trouble, and must bear it. Let me bear it patiently, until the storm is past and better days return. I know that Your almighty power can remove even this trial from me and lessen its violence, so that I am not completely crushed by it. Often in times past, my God and my Mercy, You have done this for me. And the harder it is for me, the easier it is for You to change my way(Ps. 77:10) 0 God most high.

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