Chapter 62

On Lasting Peace and True Progress

CHRIST: I have said, 'Peace I leave with you; My own peace I give you. Not as the world gives do I give you.'(John 14:27) All men want peace, but all do not seek those things that bring true peace. My peace is with the humble and gentle of heart,(Matt.11:29) and depends on great patience. If you listen to Me, and follow My words, you shall find true peace.

THE DISCIPLE. What must I do, Lord?

CHRIST. Keep guard over your whole life, your actions and words. Direct all your efforts to the single purpose of pleasing Me: seek and desire Myself alone. Never make rash judgements on the behaviour of others, and do not interfere when your opinion is not sought. If you do as I say, you will seldom be troubled in mind. But do not imagine that you can avoid anxiety in this life, or that you may never experience sorrow of heart or pain of body, for true peace is only to be found in the state of eternal rest. So do not think that you have found true peace when you happen to experience no trouble and do not think that all is well when no one opposes you. Nor should you imagine that everything is perfect when everything happens in accordance with your wishes. Do not hold an exaggerated opinion of yourself, or believe that you are a favourite of God when you enjoy the grace of great devotion and sweetness is known, or is a man's spiritual progress dependent on such things.

THE DISCIPLE. Lord, on what then does it depend?

CHRIST. On complete surrender of your heart to the will of God, not seeking to have your own way either in great matters or small, in time or in eternity. If you will make this surrender, you will thank God with equal gladness both in good times and in bad, and will accept everything, as from His hand, with an untroubled mind. Be courageous and of such unshakeable faith that, when spiritual comfort is withdrawn, you may prepare your heart for even greater trials. Do not think it unjust that you should suffer so much, but confess that I am just in all My dealings, and praise My holy Name. In so doing, you will walk in the true and noble way of peace, and I will surely come to you again and give you great joy.(Job 33:26) Only think humbly of yourself, and I promise you as great peace(Ps. 72:7) as man may enjoy in this life.

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