Chapter 54

How we must put our Whole Trust in God

CHRIST. My son let My will be your guide. I know what is best for you. Your mind is but human and your judgement often influenced by personal considerations.

THE D I S C I P L E. Lord, this is true, and Your providence will order my life better than I can myself: most insecure is the man who does not put all his trust in You. (1Pet. 5:7) Lord, keep my will steadfast and true to You, and do with me whatever is Your pleasure; for all is good that comes to me by Your will. If You will that darkness be my lot, blessed be Your Name. If it be light, again blessed be Your Name. If You stoop to comfort me, blessed be Your Name; and if You wish to try me, ever blessed be Your Name.

CHRIST. My son, let this be your disposition if you wish to walk with Me. Be as ready to suffer as to be glad; be as willing to be needy and poor as to enjoy wealth and plenty.

THE DISCIPLE. Lord, for Your sake I will gladly bear whatever You shall send to me. From Your hand I will accept gladly both good and ill, (Job 2:10) sweet and bitter, joy and sorrow; and for all that may befall me, I will thank You. Only keep me, 0 Lord, from all sin, and I shall fear neither Death nor Hell. (Ps. 23:4) Do not, I pray, reject me forever, (Ps. 77:7) nor blot out my name from the book of life; (Rev. 3:5 ) then, whatever trials beset me can do me no harm.

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