Chapter 52

On the Ordering of our Desires

CHRIST. My son let this be your constant prayer: `Lord, if this be Your will, so let it be. (James 4:15) Lord, if this is good and profitable, give me grace to use it to Your glory. But if it be hurtful and injurious to my soul's health, then remove this desire from my mind, I pray.' Not every desire comes of the Holy Spirit, though it may seem right and good; for it is often hard to judge whether a desire springs from good or evil motives, or whether it arises from your own inclinations. Many are deceived in the end, who at first seemed to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Whatever, therefore, the mind conceives as desirable is always to be desired and sought only in the fear of God and with a humble heart. Above all, commit all things to Me, and entrust yourself wholly to Me, saying, `Lord, You know what is best; let everything be in accordance with Your will. Give what You will, as much as You will, and when You will. Do with me as You think good, as pleases You best, and is most to Your glory. I am in Your hand; guide me according to Your will. I am indeed Your servant, (Ps.119:125) and am ready for anything. I wish to live, not for myself but for You alone; how I wish I could serve You perfectly and worthily!'

A Prayer that the Will of God may be Done

THE DISCIPLE. Most kind Jesus, grant me Your grace, I pray; let it dwell in me, work in me, (Wisd.9:10) and abide in me to the end. Grant me always to will and desire whatever is most pleasing and acceptable to You. Let Your will be mine, and let my will ever follow and be conformed wholly to Your own. Let me ever will and not will in union with Yourself, and be unable to will otherwise than You will or do not will. Grant that I may die to all things in this world, and for Your sake love to be despised and unknown. Grant me, above all else, to rest in You (S. Augustine, Conf.V,1) that my heart may find its peace in You alone; for You are the heart's true peace, its sole abiding place, and outside Yourself all is hard and restless. In this true peace that is in You, the sole, supreme, and eternal Good, I will dwell and take my rest (Ps.4:8) Amen.

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