Chapter 38

On Inward Consolation- How Christ Speaks Inwardly to the Soul

'I will hear what the Lord God speaks within me.'(Ps. 85:8) Blessed is the soul that hears the Lord speaking within it, (I Sam. 3:9) and receives comfort from His Word. Blessed are the ears that hear the still, small voice of God, (I Kings 19:12) and disregard the whispers of the world. Blessed are the ears that listen to Truth teaching inwardly, and not to the voices of the world. Blessed are the eyes that are closed to outward things, but are open to inward things. Blessed are those who enter deeply into inner things and daily prepare themselves to receive the secrets of heaven. Blessed are those who strive to devote themselves wholly to God, and free themselves from all the entanglements of the world. Consider these things, O my soul, and shut fast the doors against the desires of the senses, that you may hear what the Lord your God speaks within you.

Your Beloved says: `I am your Salvation, (Ps. 35:3) your Peace, and your Life; keep close to Me, and you shall find peace.' Set aside the things of time, and seek those of eternity; for what are the things of time but deceits? And how can any creature help you, if your Creator abandon you? Set aside, therefore, all else, and make yourself acceptable to your Creator, and be faithful to Him, that you may lay hold on true blessedness.

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