Chapteer 17

On the Monastic Life

If you wish to live in peace and harmony with others, you must learn to discipline yourself in many ways. It is not easy to live in a Religious Community and remain there without fault,(Phil 3:6) persevering faithfully until death(Rev.2:10) Blessed is he who has thus lived happily and well to the end. If you wish to achieve stability and grow in grace, remember always that you are an exile and pilgrim on this earth(IPet 2:11;Heb.11:13) Be content to be accounted a fool for Christ's sake(ICor.4:10) if you wish to be a Religious.

The habit and tonsure by themselves are of small significance; it is the transformation of one's way of life and the complete mortification of the passions that make a true Religious. He who seeks in this life anything but God alone and the salvation of his soul will find nothing but trouble and grief.(Ecclus 1:17:Ecclus 1:18) Nor can any remain long at peace who does not strive to be the least(Luke 22:26) and servant of all(IPet 2:13).

You have come here to serve, not to rule. Remember that you are called to labour and endurance, not to pass your time in idleness and gossip, for in this life men are tried like gold in the furnace(Wisd.3:6). No one can remain here, unless he is ready to humble himself with all his heart for love God.

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