Chapter 105

How we must Offer Ourselves wholly to God and Pray for all Men

THE DISCIPLE. Lord, all things in Heaven and earth are Yours .(I Chron.29:2) I desire to give myself to You as a free offering, and to be Yours for ever. 0 Lord, in simplicity of heart I offer myself to You this day, to be Your servant for ever :(I Chron 29:17) I do this as an act of homage to You, and as an act of perpetual praise. Accept me, together with the Holy Sacrifice of Your precious Body which I plead before You this day in the unseen presence of adoring Angels, that it may avail to my salvation and that of all Your people.

Lord, I offer on Your altar of reconciliation all the sins and offences that I have ever committed before You and Your holy Angels, from the day of my first sin until now, praying You to burn and consume them all in the fire of Your love. Blot out the stains of my sins, and cleanse my conscience (Heb.9:14; I John 1:7)4 from all offences; restore the grace lost by my sin : grant me full forgiveness, and of Your mercy receive me with the kiss of peace.

What can I do to atone for my sins, but humbly confess and lament them, and constantly implore Your propitiation? Hear me, I beg, in Your mercy, as I stand before You, 0 my God. All my sins are utterly hateful to me, and I resolve never to commit them again: I am sorry for them, and will grieve for them as long as I live. I am ready to do penance and to make any amends in my power. Forgive me, 0 God, forgive me for Your holy Name's sake,(Ps. 25:11) and save my soul, that You have redeemed by Your precious Blood.(I Pet.1:19) I commit myself entirely to Your mercy, and resign myself into Your hands; deal with me according to Your goodness, and not as my malice and wickedness deserves.(I Macc.13:46)

I offer to You also whatever is good in me, though it be little and imperfect, that You may strengthen and hallow it, make it dear and acceptable to You, and raise it continually towards perfection. And bring me, stubborn and unprofitable servant as I am, to a worthy and blessed end.

I offer You also all the holy aspirations of devout persons ; the needs of my parents, friends, brothers, sisters, and all who are dear to me; and the needs of all who have desired or asked me to pray and offer the Eucharist for them and theirs, whether living or departed. I pray that all these may enjoy the assistance of Your grace, the aid of Your comfort, protection from dangers, and deliverance from pains to come; and that, freed from all evils, they may offer glad praise and thanks to You.

I offer You also my prayers and the Sacrifice of Peace in particular for those who have in any way injured, grieved or maligned me, or who have done me any kind of harm or hurt; likewise for any whom I have at any time grieved, troubled, injured or offended by word or deed, knowingly or unknowingly; that You may in mercy pardon all our sins and offences one against another. 0 Lord, take from our hearts all suspicion, ill feeling, anger, and contention, and whatever may injure charity and brotherly love. Have mercy, 0 Lord, have mercy on all who ask Your mercy.(Ps.123:3)

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