Chapter 104

On the Offering of Christ on the Cross

CHRIST. Naked I hung on the Cross with arms outstretched, offering Myself freely to God the Father for your sins,( Isa.53:7; Heb 9:28) My whole Person a sacrifice of divine propitiation : you, too, must willingly offer yourself daily to Me in the Eucharist with all your powers and affections as a pure and holy offering. I require nothing less of you than that you should strive to yield yourself wholly to Me. Whatever you offer to Me besides yourself, I account as nothing; I seek not your gift, but yourself. ((Phil. 4:17)

Were you to possess everything in the world except Me, it could not satisfy you; so neither can anything you give Me be acceptable without the gift of yourself. Offer yourself to Me, and give yourself wholly to God; so shall your offering be acceptable.( Ecc. 35:7) I offered Myself wholly to the Father for you : I have given My very Body and Blood to be your food, that I may be all yours, and that you may be mine for ever. But if you trust in yourself, and do not offer yourself freely to My will, your offering is not complete, nor can our union be perfect. A free offering of yourself into the hands of God must therefore precede all your doings if you desire to obtain freedom and grace.

The reason why so few receive inward light and freedom is that they cannot wholly renounce self. My words remain unalterable : whoever does not renounce everything cannot be My disciple.(luke 14:33) Therefore if you wish to be My disciple, offer yourself to Me with all your heart.

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